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  Next activities

* CANCELED Machine Learning for CFD, Guimaraes 16-17 avpril 2020
* CANCELED Invited speaker HYKE conference Malaga, Spain june 2020
* CANCELED Invited speaker "Numerical Aspects of Hyperbolic Balance Laws and Related Problems" August 31 to September 4, 2020 in Alba di Canazei, Val di Fassa (Trento, Italy)
* WCCM conference, Virtual One  January 11-15 2021
* HONOM 2021, Braga, Portugal March 22nd - 26th, 2021,
* Green SHARK 2021 Povoa de Varsi, Portugal,

 Last activities

* Invited speaker CEA GAMNI 3-4/02/2020
* Tiger SHARK-FV, Univ. do Minho, Portugal,
* MULTIMAT conference, Trento, Italie, 09-13/09 2019

 Lastest publications

New:  High-accurate and robust conservative remapping combining polynomial and hyperbolic tangent reconstructions, Milan Kucharik , Raphaël Loubère, Computer & Fluids, 208, 2020

New : a priori Neural Networks vs a posteriori MOOD loop --- A high accurate 1D Finite Volume scheme testing bed, A. Bourriaud, R.Loubère, R. Turpault, J. Scient. Comput., Issue 2, 2020, 10.1007/s10915-020-01282-1

Research themes

Last update in August 2019

- Lagrangian numerical schemes for hydrodynamics
- Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian frameworks and simulation codes
- Very high-order finite volume methods       - Kinetic schemes, low Mach number scheme
- Interface reconstruction methods            - High accurate numerical schemes

Note: Don't hesitate to contact me for more information!

*Numerical methods for compressible hydrodynamics

*Meshing, Remapping and Particle methods

*Very high-order Eulerian scheme (with MOOD)

  • MOOD: MultiD Optimal Order Detection method for polynomial reconstruction

    Collaborators: S. Clain, S. Diot, R.Pereriera, G.Machado, I. Peshkov

    Collaborators: M. Dumbser, S. Clain, S. Diot, O.Zannotti, M.Semplice

  • SPH :
    Collaborators: X.Nogueira, L.Ramirez, S.Clain

  • THINC and BVD
    Collaborators: X. Deng, F. Xiao, S. Tann

* Low Mach number numerical schemes

  • An all speed solver without parameter in multiD:
    Collaborators: M.-H. Vignal, G.Dimarco, V. Michel-Dansac, W. Boscheri, M. Tavelli

    * Kinetic schemes for Boltzmann, Vlasov
  • An ultra-fast kinetic scheme in 3Dx3D under GPU/OpenMP with domain decomposition
    : G. Dimarco, J. Narski, V. Rispoli
    , T. Rey